How Casinos Became Digital: Birth of Online Casinos

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Discover how casinos managed to become digital. We will be explaining how online casinos started and what the future holds.

In a technology-dominated world, it is no surprise that many industries have been putting effort into going digital. Everything from printed press, shopping, delivery services, and mailing has successfully transitioned online.

As technology continues to develop, businesses and several industries continue to adapt. In this article, we will be discussing how online casinos started


The First Online Casino

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Microgaming started operating in 1994 and is one of the first to provide a functional online casino, which is The Gaming Club.

Many other companies are claiming the title, so it is uncertain who came first. Online betting and other forms of gambling started in the 90s as well, and the journey of gambling online starts.

Microgaming, along with CryptoLogic, is a well-recognized name in the business because both companies played a huge role in the industry. Today, people can visit several online casinos to play their favorite games.


Why People Love Online Casinos

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Visiting casino establishments are considered to be a vacation activity for some. It is many people’s favorite pastimes, and they can usually do it when they have time off work or during the weekends. With online casinos, people can play anytime and anywhere.

Online casinos provide the convenience of playing their favorite slot games at home or on their phone. Some even say that digital casinos offer higher payouts than physical ones, and they get taxed lower.


Online Casinos Accessibility for Players Worldwide

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Online casinos are available to countries that allow gambling. However, some sites welcome players from different countries, which is a good source of revenue.

It is more accessible, which is why players love it. Players can play on their laptops or their phone, and even have the option for offline gaming.

It brings the experience to them. The selection of games is endless, and payment methods are relatively straightforward. Players can use their credit cards of third-party services to process their payments and withdrawals.



We can only assume that digital casinos will develop and advance further in the future. Software developers create many game titles and continue to amaze players and online casino operators with the many variations of games they offer.

Technology plays a significant role and is game-changing to the industry. The birth of online casinos is truly impressive and historical. We advise our readers to do their research before visiting any online casino to avoid scams. It is essential to look out for licenses and valid payment methods to ensure safety and security.