Mining fever


Mining Fever is a very fun online casino game for all ages. It’s set in a harsh and dark underground cave like the real thing, but with all the benefits of an online virtual casino. The realistic setting of Mining Fever is tattered and dingy tunnel but also a vast five-reel vertical machine with twenty-four bonus rounds, one double bonus round, and a seventy-two bit mega-pot. Not only are there twenty-four high-paying symbols but also sixteen lower-paying symbols designed to resemble the original icon from the site. The icons include the skull, fish, wheel, hammer, and bucket.

When you play Mining Fever you will earn money by earning coins through a series of mini-games, winning games, and filling challenges. You can also use wild slots to refill your bankroll, win free spins bonuses, and purchase icons, but be careful because you can use up to twenty-four free spins at any given time! After you’ve made a few deposits the site will announce a new offer, such as the old favorite “pin the tail on the donkey” or “the diggers are coming!”.

Before you bet all your savings though, make sure that you fully understand all the possible combinations that can occur and their effects on your winnings. There are twenty-four total bet possibilities on each reel, and just as many possible combination combinations within each combination. Some combinations will cause a total loss on your Mining Fever reels, others will cause a small profit. Don’t forget to check out all the forums and blog posts for information about each game, and the possible winning strategies for every combination! The more you know about how the reels work, the better off you’ll be!