Jewel box


Are you ready to play the Jewel Box slot machine? If not then get your game on because this article is going to show you how to play Jewel Box slot machine the right way! It may not look like much when you’re standing there with the spinning wheel and rainbow lights, but soon you’ll get the hang of it and start making some serious money. In fact, it’s so easy that even you can play this slot machine from your computer on your lunch break!

Jewel box is bright and filled with hundreds of precious gems! You can put as many gems into the reel as you want, and the more the better. You only have to spin the handle like you’re supposed to and the wheels spin accordingly. Jewel Box casino game comes on Play n Go virtual slots and it’s an awesome colorful animated video slot machine. There are gemstones with every kind of color imaginable, and the entire game looks like a really nice jewelry shop.

The game gets progressively harder the longer you play, so don’t expect to get rich in the first few spins. Eventually you will learn what is where and what works best for you. There are no bylines, so you can afford to lose a few coins here and there because you can just keep replacing them with new gems and coming back later. There is only one true defense against losing, which is the fact that there are only 15 paylines to keep hitting and you only have to hit them once to win your jackpot. Plus, there are icons that always appear on top of the reel telling you what gems to pick up, and what numbers to place them in your next spin.