Sharp shooter

Sharp Shooter is a video slot game. It is played with the use of dice and is played with zero winning lines. The symbols cost the most in the game, so the minimum bet is 0.1 while the maximum bet is 200. The game is a low-risk one, and the payoff is high. A few of its features are detailed below. Let’s find out what makes Sharp Shooter a favorite among casino players.

The first thing that draws attention to Sharp Shooter is the realistically rendered casino environment. The game also has impressive visuals. The bright blue dice are clearly visible against the table and contrast with the red of the casino. As a result, the game is easy to read. It also offers an opportunity to earn up to eight times the amount of money you bet. Sharp Shooter is a unique casino game. You should give it a try to win a big payout!

The second thing to know about this game is the betting options. Basically, the game consists of throwing three dice to try to beat the red one. To play this game, you need to throw three times against the red and blue ones. There is a timer near the Roll button that can be triggered by pressing the ‘Play’ button. If you aren’t successful, you can leave the game to the timer. The gameplay isn’t trivial, but it pays out often.